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Praise From Our Patients

  • Alyse has been treating our two children for allergies and they do not have to use inhalers anymore! It is a dream come true. She is wonderful about explaining everything and also very friendly and warm. The children look forward to getting the AAT treatments and always ask when we are going back! I have referred all of my friends to her.

    Jennifer L., Mom to Chloe & Jasper
  • Alyse is great and the AAT treatments have exceeded my expectations. I have been feeling amazing! I can go outside and everything while the cedar is high. I actually feel like I can think clearly during the day. So happy!!

    C. P.
  • Alyse is kind and professional, and sent me multiple follow-up emails post treatment. The service of care was more than I could have asked for and genuinely appreciated. She is my go to for preventative care. Thank you!

    T. F.
  • I first met Alyse at Peoples’ Pharmacy and I liked her immediately. She offered me great advice on supplements and when I found out she was also an acupuncturist, I made an appointment the next day. Her warm, caring personality and extensive knowledge make the perfect combo. I have loved her treatments and my body always feels astonishingly better after I see her.

    Brooke M.
  • My 5 year old daughter suffered from seasonal allergies, with mold being the worst. She would  have a raspy deep cough for weeks at a time. After 2 treatments, her cough disappeared and has stayed gone. Alyse is amazing.

    Aaron S.
  • Alyse is excellent to work with. She is an intuitive practitioner and listens to my concerns. I have used her for both AAT and Acupuncture, treating a variety of issues, and seen excellent results from each. She is also very supportive post treatment and offers nutritional and supplemental guidance if needed.

    Joan M.

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